'I See'!

We believe that these values keep us on track in shaping young lives into everything you as a parent desire.

We can be depended upon to be who we say we are, and do what we say we will do. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere of trust between practitioners, parents and children, where each person can be assured that communication is taken seriously and will be treated as confidential.

Crossways Pre-school is not an island. We embrace all children from all backgrounds and work closely with parents to further benefit each child’s educational experience. In addition, we are uniquely positioned to work with other schools and organisations within the community and we encourage these links to enhance our students’ global awareness.

It’s not enough to simply impart knowledge into a child; we aim to positively influence children during the crucial stages of their development, nurturing their confidence and imagination, helping them to dream for the future. In this way, we prepare children to succeed in life.

Crossways Pre-school has no hidden agendas. All our staff are friendly, approachable and operate with an ‘open door’ policy. Our vision and goals are clearly defined and accessible; we are committed to communicating them with clarity and honesty.

We believe in doing everything with excellence. Not only do we insist upon delivering quality education, we also nurture every child’s individuality and creativity, creating a holistic environment where children learn, explore, develop and build memories for life.

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